Corporate culture

Our unique corporate culture is the momentum driving us forward. The Group has put into practice three key concepts that form our corporate culture – “Si Li Ji Ren”, the core value for the Lee Kum Kee family, which serves as the business ethos of the Group; the “Autopilot Leadership Model”, a synergy of Eastern and Western leadership essence that enables us to attract and nurture talent; and “Constant Entrepreneurship”, which advocates seizing the opportunities for innovations and breakthroughs.

Our embodiment of these concepts has underpinned business diversification and created renowned brands around the world. With this foundation in place, LKKHPG continues to strive for business sustainability and build a world that pursues health and happiness.

Si Li Ji Ren

“Si Li Ji Ren”, a core value stemming from the Lee Kum Kee family, is the primary value that serves as the Group’s ethos. “Si Li Ji Ren” emphasizes the consideration of collective benefit before self-interest. The Group has been adhering to this value, embarking on a journey of reflection and practice, and helping to shape positive mindset for employees.

Autopilot Leadership Model

Originating from Lao Zi’s doctrine, Dao De Jing, the “Autopilot Leadership Model” at LKKHPG is inspired by the concept of the “Invisible Leader” – the best among the four categories of leaders. “Autopilot Leadership” is a leadership model that combines traditional Eastern leadership wisdom and modern Western business theories. It empowers leaders to take a “rule by nature” approach, unleash the full potential of employees and ultimately achieve business sustainability.

Constant Entrepreneurship

The establishment and progress of LKKHPG is a true reflection of the Group’s reverence for “Constant Entrepreneurship”. The widely diversified portfolio is a manifestation of the Group’s quest for breakthroughs with far-sighted vision.